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Thread: How to unprotect Excel file when forget password

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    Red face How to unprotect Excel file when forget password


    I have an excel file, I protect it, for along time, I forget password. How can I unprotect it and how can I see macro code if it is protected also.

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    Default Re: How to unprotect Excel file when forget password

    Sorry tis against board rules to discuss getting around forgotten passwords

    "Do not post asking for help with getting around ANY form of password/security protection. Be it Excel or Access or even website security measures such as "captchas"--any such posts will be locked or deleted when found. Any replies to such a question which contain links or macro code will be edited to remove the links/code or even deleted entirely as seen fit by the moderators and administrators. If you come across a post asking to break password protection or affect security settings in some way, please use the report function on the thread and a moderator or admin will take care of it.
    1. To clarify: while we realize that there could be "innocent" cases such as an ex-employee being the only person to know a workbook password or a person simply forgetting the password to their own file, the bottom line is that we have no way to verify the claims of the person asking about the password. We're not saying that it is not possible to break passwords, quite the contrary. There are a ton of sites out there where the information exists. We simply are not going to actively help in finding them. That's what search engines are for."

    >On Excel 2007<

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