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Thread: flexible formulas

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    On 2002-04-12 12:00, cpc wrote:

    This type of formula needs to be used because in actuality the formula may pick up every other cell, not a1:a9, or a group of numbers and then a few single cells, or totals from
    say 25 pages, when I want to delete say the last four pages. This maybe another way of looking at the problem. I have lists of numbers as described, and a total. (the formula in question) on say 49 pages, with page 50 being a grand total of all 49 pages.
    If I delete say pages 40-49, asuume they are not being used, the formula on page 50 no longer works. Unless I re - formulate the cell. Can this formula on page 50 be written to allow for the deletion of pages.

    croweld89 look at the above. Do you think your idea will work here?
    I believe judicious use of IS-functions help you solve such problems. 3D-formulas, as noted by croweld, offer also a solution if the layout of the ranges of interest is fixed.


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    To rethink this problem. Dave, Aladin, Scott
    all responded thanks. Dave you had mentioned an option using sheet function. Problem, and my mistake, there are not multiple sheets,
    but multiple pages, on the same sheet and I want to delete pages. and not receive an error code in the formula ?

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