OK I'm deep!!!!
My List starts at A22 (title only) because I have text above this area. I tried entering the info in and yes it works but it picks up the text from A1. I thought I would be smart and edit the string command to start at A23

NO LUCK. My validation cells on other sheets start at the first "blank" opening below my last list, so I have to scroll up to get to the data. I have the "ignore blank" enabled but that doesn't seem to help. So I tested it on the 1st sheet (Cover) with a validation and the same thing. I moved the list over to C: where no text was above and tried it and the validation on "Cover" where my list is had the text starting correctly, but about 10 blanks thereafter, and my other sheets still validate from the middle? Quite confusing. Can someone help with the string that will allow me to have text above my list, yet still let me use the validation pull down menu dynamically in other sheets? Could be a hair puller....well its been for me!