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Thread: Excel won't print all pages

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    Default Excel won't print all pages

    I've never encountered this before. Let me preface that I am a 20+ year user of Excel. Currently using Excel 2007.

    I have 43 pages set up to print which encompasses 75 rows and 271 columns (I am using Page Break Preview when viewing the spreadsheet). Whenever I attempt to print, or review with Print Preview, only 37 pages are generated (through column #244).

    There is no print area defined (only print titles). Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Excel won't print all pages

    try to define the print area.
    or give some more info or upload the file.
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    Default Re: Excel won't print all pages

    I forgot to mention that I did define the print area, and I still got the same result.

    However, after looking to delete some columns - which still caused the number of pages to be short by 5 pages - I thought that the inverse may work. So I added the equivalent of 5 pages worth of columns at the end of the print area. This did the trick.

    I'm still scratching my head. The sheet is all data with very little formulas. A very simple sheet, albeit a large chunk of columns. I am unable to upload due to the sensitive nature of the data.

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