I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2003, SP3) that looks at data from several different perspectives. Each tab contains numerical data and a chart linked to an independent dynamic range that I can vary vertically (date; shown on X-axis) and horizontally (series; shown as values on Y-Axis). The charts on each tab reflect the data that the individual Dynamic Ranges indicate.

I decided to look at the data from one different perspective and created a new tab which basically consisted of copying one of the other worksheets and changing a few parameters. I then created dynamic ranges, which I created based on "Indirect" and "Address" functions, just as I had in the previous worksheets. When I associate the Dynamic Range with the chart I created in the new worksheet using the "Source Data-> Data Range" dialog box, the chart values update. However, when I change the value in the listbox that controls the dynamic range, the range changes but the values shown in the chart do not.

Has anyone ever had an experience where the dynamic range changes but the chart that the range is linked to does not update? Does anyone have any ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue? Any help would be appreciated because this is the only thing that is keeping me from completing a very valuable tool. By the way, I have tried the "Offset" function and had the same results.