Hi Guys,

I need some help with a Pivot Table. I have two fields in the "ROW" section of the Pivot Table , nothing in the "COLOUMN" section but
five numerical columns representing totals for five years in the "DATA" section. Now the two fields in the Row section - the first field on the left is an individual unique record while the second field from the left splits each of the unique record by its natural variants. The totals in the Data section for the five years are split at the level of this second field. However by having the Automatic sub-totals on the first field on the left, we have the total for each unique record irrespective of how many variants it has. So I have the individual variants totals and then the unique record total below. What I want while remaing in Pivot table mode is to add five columns besides the existing data, which gives the % of each variant "within" the unique record. So for example if you have two variants for a unique record , say 20units for the 1st variant and 40 for the 2nd. so the total for this unique record is 60. So what I want to have in the new columns is the % of the varaint for each unique record. So in the new column for the example above , the value would be 33.33% while the record would be 66.66%%.

If you have any ideas let me know