Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone could help me with this problem,

I am trying to work out how to get a column in my spreadsheet that will work out (backwards) which shipment we are producing for at the corresponding date

I have the sheet set out as follows:

Date | Prod | InStock | Shipped | Ship | ForShip

As there is no regular interval between shipments, I need something that can start at the bottom and work its way up by looking at D (shipped) and then subtract each days production from this until it reaches zero,all the time putting the ship name in F (ForShip). Then once it reaches zero, I need it to go back down to one cell above the previous D cell used and repeat, continuing the subtraction from the date where the previous calculation reached zero!

Way to hard for my little brain.

I am not very good at code but will try anything! (thats if anyone even understood what the heck I am on about!)

Thanks in advance!