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Thread: Dynamic extract to range in advanced filter.

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    Hi, All. And Thanks In Advance !

    I need to expand the capabilities of advanced filter:
    Copy to... (extract range) has to be the last added item.
    (filtered data needs to be added, NOT REPLACED).
    I can handle this by defining a name which refers to a dynamic range.
    Such name goes to be the "next" title (for Database range) AND
    the "next" extract range (also using iteration to avoid circular).
    Working fine, UNTIL numeric values are found for "next" (extract range).

    Any ideas?

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    is "next" the name of a range ?

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    Hi, Chris. Thanks for your reply

    Yes, "Next" is a named range (dynamic), which is supposed "to be"...
    the last item in the "copy to" range AND the title for Data_base range.

    Here is a wide view of the project:

    In a small DB (range A2:B147) in Sheet1,
    where column A (A2) is titled "Code" and column B (B2) is titled "Description",
    I need the following:

    Filter data by copying (ADDING NOT Replacing) to a new location, for what...
    I'm using the following names:
    Criteria = the range D1:D2
    - Formula in D2 is: =(OFFSET(A3,0,1)=$D$1) -evaluated as True or False-
    - Contents in D1 is: the "real" criteria to filter
    Extract_area = the range G2 lnitially. THIS TO BE A DYNAMIC REFERENCE ("Next")
    Data_base = the range A2:A147 - "Title" TO MATCH with Extract_area "Title" ("Next")

    For dynamic range(s) I'm using:
    Copy_tio_area = OFFSET(Book1.xls!Date_base,0,COLUMN(Sheet1!Extract_area)-COLUMN(Book.xls!Data_base),COUNTA(Book1.xls!Data_base),1)
    Next = INDIRECT("Sheet1!"&ADDRESS(ROW(Sheet1!Copy_to_area)+COUNTA(Sheet1!Copy_to_area)-1,COLUMN(Sheet1!Copy_to_area)))

    By this method dynamic range "Next"...
    is ALWAYS the last entry (filtered data copied to) in Copy_to_area
    is ALSO, the Data_base "Title" (Match needed)

    When I launch Advanced Filter, I only have to choose (type) Next as "Copy to..." in dialog box

    Working well... UNTIL, last entry returns a numeric value, which will be the next "Next"

    Any ideas?
    TIA, Héctor.

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    Ok, guys !

    Solved !!!

    Numeric values MUST BE "skipped" !!!


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