Shared Excel file problem!
I think this is more of network problem but maybe someone can assist.
I have a shared Excel workbook which is located on a server. So when changes are made everyone can see who made the changes. It's a WIN 2K server with all the service packs loaded. Workstations are WIN XP or WIN 2K.
Occasionly when someone updates the workbook they get an error message "Unexpected file lock by ---- You can override this file lock or continue without overriding this lock, you will not be able to save to this file but you can use File Save as. Do you want to override this lock". This locks everyone out and no updates are accepted. When this problem occures a new file seems to generated e.g. 772fb100 (with no file extension) in the same sub directory as the original file. If I rename this file to say newfile.xls, it seems to run OK.
It seems like a network problem as the workbook always runs faultlessly if run on a local drive.
If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.