Hello, world:

I created an Excel workbook under Windows 2000/Office 2000 that I use to keep track of a large number of PDF documents. The structure is simple, just one column for the text description of the doc and another column holding the PDF file name. I have hyperlinks assigned to each field in the workbook that allow me to click on the item and pull up the PDF. When I examined the hyperlinks during development time, I saw that they pointed to ../Manuals/SS2000/1960_05.pdf, which should allow me to access them on any machine that hosted the workbook and PDFs, so long as the original folder/file relationship didn't change. Easy enough, I said.

A few months later, I'm back on the project after upgrading to XP Pro/Office 2002 and my hyperlinks no longer work because the target PDF can no longer be found. Examining the hyperlink in question, I find that it now points to C:/Product Documentation/Manuals/SS2000/1960_05.pdf, which is the absolute location for the PDFs when I last worked on the project. I checked the hyperlink base entry in the workbook summary, but it was blank. I then edited the hyperlink back to the original form and it worked as before, even after moving the folders to various places on my desktop and even to a server. No surprises there. All this now said, I have two questions:

1. Are there any known differences in the way that the two versions of Excel handle hyperlink creation?

2. With well over 1000 PDFs to catalog, is there any way that I can batch edit the hyperlinks so that I don't have to edit each one individually?

Thanks to anyone who can offer advice and suggestions.