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CTRL + D ? What does this do?

This is a discussion on CTRL + D ? What does this do? within the Excel Questions forums, part of the Question Forums category; Im doing some quick analysis on instructions for a client to produce a report. It instructs the person to fill ...

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    Default CTRL + D ? What does this do?

    Im doing some quick analysis on instructions for a client to produce a report. It instructs the person to fill the column with 00000000 and then hit CTRL + D. It switches everything to a single zero. I cannot figure out why they include this in their instructions.

    Does anyone have any insight into what CTRL D does? It looks like it may be some kind of rounding function? Its not calling a macro b/c it manipulates data on clean sheets.

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    Default Re: CTRL + D ? What does this do?

    CTRL+D is the shortcut for Fill Down.

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    Default Re: CTRL + D ? What does this do?


    Ctrl + D is a shortcut for "Fill Down"

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    Default Re: CTRL + D ? What does this do?

    AHH -

    Yes I see now! I looked in the shortcut menu in the Help file, but couldn't find it referenced. Thanks.

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    Here's a list.......also Look @ Chip's Site

    ****** content=Excel.Sheet name=ProgId>****** content="Microsoft Excel 9" name=Generator>**
    KeyAloneShiftCtrlAltShift Ctrl*
    F1HelpWhat's This Help*Insert Chart Sheet**
    F2Edit ModeEdit Comment*Save As**
    F3Paste Name FormulaPaste FunctionDefine Name*Names From Labels*
    F4Repeat ActionFind AgainClose WindowQuit Excel**
    F5GotoFindRestore Window Size***
    F6Next PanePrev PaneNext WorkbookSwitch To VBAPrev Workbook*
    F7Spell Check*Move Window***
    F8Extend SelectionAdd To SelectionResize WindowMacro List**
    F9Calculate AllCalculate WorksheetMinimize Workbook***
    F10Activate MenuContext MenuRestore Workbook***
    F11New ChartNew WorksheetNew Macro SheetVB Editor**
    F12Save AsSaveOpen*Print*
    A**Select All *Formula Arguments*
    D**Fill DownData Menu**
    E***Edit Menu**
    F**FindFile MenuFont Name*
    H**ReplaceHelp Menu**
    I**ItalicsInsert Menu**
    K**Insert* Hyperlink***
    N**New Workbook***
    O**Open WorkbookFormat MenuSelect Comments*
    P**Print*Font Size*
    R**Fill Right***
    T***Tools Menu**
    W**Close WorkbookWindow Menu**
    Y**Repeat Active***
    ` (~)**Toggle Formula View*General Format*
    1 (!)**Cell Format*Number Format*
    2 (@)**Toggle Bold*Time Format*
    3 (#)**Toggle Italics*Date Format*
    4 ($)**Toggle Underline*Currency Format*
    5 (%)**Toggle Strikethru*Percent Format*
    6 (^)**a*Exponent Format*
    7 (&)**a*Apply Border*
    8 (*)**Outline*Select Region*
    9 (()**Hide Rows*Unhide Rows*
    0 ())**Hide Columns*Unhide Columns*
    -**Delete SelectionControl MenuNo Border*
    = (+)Formula**Auto SumInsert dialog*
    [**Direct Dependents*Direct Precedents*
    ]**All Dependents*All Precedents*
    ; (semicolon)**Insert DateSelect Visible CellsInsert Time*
    ' (apostrophe)***StyleCopy Cell Value Above*
    : (colon)**Insert Time***
    /**Select Array*Select Array*
    \**Select Differences*Select Unequal Cells*
    InsertInsert Mode*Copy***
    DeleteClear*Delete To End Of Line***
    HomeBegin Row*Start Of Worksheet***
    EndEnd Row*End Of Worksheet***
    Page UpPage Up*Previous WorksheetLeft 1 screen**
    Page DownPage Down*Next WorksheetRight 1 screen**
    Left ArrowMove LeftSelect LeftMove Left Area***
    Right ArrowMove RightSelect RightMove Right Area***
    Up ArrowMove UpSelect UpMove Up Area***
    Down ArrowMove DownSelect DownMove Down AreaDrop down list**
    Space BarSpaceSelect RowSelect ColumnControl BoxSelect All*
    TabMove RightMove LeftNext WindowNext ApplicationPrevious Window*
    BackSpace**Goto Active Cell***
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    Default Re: CTRL + D ? What does this do?

    It isn't completely clear from the above discussion, but the way this works in its simplest way is to type what you want in the top cell (say B2), then highlight this cell AND all the cells below it where you want that entry filled. Then press ctrl-D. Here is one additional feature that makes this key-stroke very powerful on big spreadsheets. If you want to fill say cells B2 through B10012, this would take a long time to drag. Instead you can type in that little area to the left of the formula line B2:B10012. This will select the whole column. Then press Ctrl D to fill it down.

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