Dear Sirs,

I have recently developed an application that uses late binding OLE to an Excel Application.
That entire part I am having no problem with. Although I may have inadvertantly messed up.
After testing the application one of my "associates" compiled and distributed the application from a
WinXP Pro O/S. Although at first glance the program and setup ran just fine. But when it came time to
create the Excel.Application, that too also worked, but as soon as any properties are set within the
Excel reference The program kicks out an "Automation Error (80010108)" After some research I finally
found the definition to this error code "Object Has Disconnected From Its Clients".

My Question is, which files where replaced on the Win98 Machine and how do I retrieve the correct versions
of these files, or maybe create a batch file to fix this "mess".

Any Help Would Be Appreciated
Thomas Anderson
Technical Coordinator
Cabinets 2000, Inc.
MSN: TAnderson54
AOLIM: Dante45Anderson