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Thread: Is there anyway to set the Timer to Greenich Time?

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    I am wondering if I can set the timer in VB to Greenich time instead of the computer's time?

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    Hi Murrati.
    Can you simply subract the difference?
    For example, create a Constant?
    I'm not sure which timer function you are referring to. The VB function which counts seconds from midnight? 0 to 86,399?

    Maybe this example will help you...

    Sub Test calls for a five second delay
    by passing the value 5 to LenTime in sub SD
    The function UTC_Timer takes the value
    of the current Computer timer and re-arranges
    it according to your constant, TimeDifference.
    I am 4 hours behind GMT. Therefore TimeDifference
    will = 14400. Or 60 Seconds * 60 Minutes * 4 Hours
    Change to suit...
    I hope this helps you,

    'reflect my computer's 4 hours behind GMT
    Public Const TimeDifference As Long = 14400

    Sub Test()
    SD 5
    End Sub

    Sub SD(LenTime)
    Dim Start
    Start = UTC_Timer(Timer)
    Do While UTC_Timer(Timer) < Start + LenTime
    End Sub

    Public Function UTC_Timer(ComputerTimer As Long)
    If ComputerTimer - TimeDifference < 0 Then
    UTC_Timer = 86399 - Abs(ComputerTimer - TimeDifference)
    Else: UTC_Timer = ComputerTimer - TimeDifference
    End If
    End Function

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