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    I have a column with insurance number. They are 8-digits number. Some of them have zeros at the beginning. This info I get from the insurance company. Now we I run a report in our company, our insurance numbers show without zeros. I have to compare both listing to match people. A unique column would the insurance number but it won't because one have zeros the other doesn't. Do you have any suggestions on how I can change cell properties from txt to general to eliminate the zeros without hitting F2 and then enter so change takes effect? Our total records are about 4,500. Any ideas?

    Alexandra, TX

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    Couple of ideas:

    1 - you could use a formula in an adjacent column to convert the insurance numbers to numeric. Something like =VALUE(A1).

    2 - you could convert the entire column to numbers. Select the column of data and then, from the main menu, select Data|TextToColumns. Follow the prompts at the Text To Columns Wizard.

    Hope this helps,
    Barrie Davidson

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    How about Custom Formatting the cells to eights digits?

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    Guys!!! You are amazing. I used the VALUE formula. IT WORKED. Thanks Barrie. I would try the other suggestions as well just for extra knowledge.

    I love you guys!!!! Alexandra

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