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Thread: Date & Time Picker Excel 2010

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    Default Date & Time Picker Excel 2010

    Hello All.
    I'm using excel 2010.
    I came across a great time & date picker here;

    It's aesthetically perfect,, only,,, it seems to be made for earlier versions of excel.
    I have emailed the developer to see if he is going to make it 100% 2010 compatible.

    If I protect my sheet & click in a cell where a small calender icon should appear to the right of the cell,, it doesn't
    A couple of other issues also unfortunately.

    So,, my question is,,,
    Is there a 100% compatible Date & time picker for excel 2010 that is comparable to this?

    I do see that excel offer formulas for dates/times etc.
    But I really am looking for something (KISS) ,, simple to use, to insert a use defined date,, (Which I can format the cell as day/date/mth/yr )
    The above also has a right click context menu option that says "Pick from Calender"

    It's so good,, if only it worked 100% in 2010

    Has anybody got any ideas/solutions or ran into similar problems?

    I hope somebody can advise on an alternative root.

    Many thanks for your time.
    John Caines

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    Default Re: Date & Time Picker Excel 2010

    I havent really used 2010 that much, but doesnt it come with its own datetime picker control?

    if not the other option would be to make one yourself out of other controls, but that is prob more effort than worth

    does the date need to be "picked" from a calendar? are they within a range? or they can select any date they wish?
    Sometimes just writing down your idea and trying to get others to understand the logic makes you realise what you need to do (after all coding is nothing but logic)

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    Default Re: Date & Time Picker Excel 2010

    Bensonsearch is right.
    2010 does have it's own datepicker.

    This link will show how to insert it.

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