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    On 2002-04-25 10:28, sree_31 wrote:
    Thanks a ton

    But can u explain me in detail how it works

    Excel password protection is not that hard
    to fact it's a joke. Here is
    why, when an Excel *sheet* is being
    protected with a password, a 16-bit (two byte) long hash is generated. To verify a
    password, it is compared to the hash.
    Obviously, if the input data volume is great,
    numerous passwords will match the same hash.
    This can be easily reproduced:
    Protect a sheet (Tools-Protection-Protect Sheet) with the password "test" (no quotes)
    Unprotect it with the password "zzyw" (again no quotes)
    Book protection is somewhat more sophisticated.
    The hash generation algorithm is the same as with sheet protection, however, the whole
    document is being encrypted. This protection seem to be relatively stable at first sight,
    but a more detailed analysis revealed that it
    is not the password that is entered (or its
    hash) which is used to encrypt the document,
    but rather a fixed key stored in the MS Excel
    program code.
    This key is generated from the
    password "VelvetSweatshop".
    What a nice joke by Microsoft! Try to
    protect a MS Excel workbook with this
    password. The most surprising thing is that
    no password is required to open the document.
    Worksheet Encryption
    Here is the algorithm to create the hash value:
    - take the ASCII values of all characters
    - shift left the first character 1 bit,
    the second 2 bits and so on
    (use only the lower 15 bits and rotate all higher bits, the highest bit of the 16-bit value is
    always 0 [signed short])
    - XOR all these values
    - XOR the count of characters
    - XOR the constant 0xCE4B
    Example: The password is abcdefghij (10 characters)
    a -> 0x61 << 1 == 0x00C2
    b -> 0x62 << 2 == 0x0188
    c -> 0x63 << 3 == 0x0318
    d -> 0x64 << 4 == 0x0640
    e -> 0x65 << 5 == 0x0CA0
    f -> 0x66 << 6 == 0x1980
    g -> 0x67 << 7 == 0x3380
    h -> 0x68 << 8 == 0x6800
    i -> 0x69 << 9 == 0x5201 (unrotated:0xD200)
    j -> 0x6A << 10 == 0x2803 (unrotated:0x1A800)
    count: 0x000A
    constant: 0xCE4B
    result: 0xFEF1
    This value occurs in the PASSWORD record.
    With thanks to
    Charles Wyble

    Kind Regards,
    Ivan F Moala From the City of Sails

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    Dear Ivan,

    Thanks for your response

    Frankly speaking it is very difficult for me to understand the hash generation and algorithm part.

    Can u explain how the password "test" becomes "zzyw"

    I also want to know if a xls file is protected is there any way to get the password.

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    Why "test" = "zzyw"???
    ... after read:
    unfortunately, it remains a middle mystery.

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