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Thread: Character Limit on VLOOKUP & MATCH

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    Default Character Limit on VLOOKUP & MATCH

    So I am trying to use a Vlookup on a cell that has a large amount of characters. Basically, the cell is a multiple choice question, and I need the answer returned to the cell next to it. Right now I am using match and vlookup functions to accomplish this, but when a large question is pulled, the functions don't work. I'm guessing that I am exceding some kind of character limit. Is there a workaround for this? I am thinking I should use the left function to match up the first 50 or so characters and look those up. Here is the functions I am using right now. I need them modified so that they lookup only the first 50 characters. Thank you so much in advance!!!


    "Front", "DynamicList", and "DropDown" are all named ranges.

    Thank you again!!!

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    Default Re: Character Limit on VLOOKUP & MATCH

    These will be array entered formulas with CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER



    You can't use entire column refs like E:E in an array formula.
    You must specify row #s like E1:E1000
    Add-in for posting ranges as copyable tables (bottom of the page) -Win & Mac

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