Evening all,

I recently downloaded and installed that excellent pack of Longre's functions. One of which was the =MCONCAT function.

Now, when you access it via the paste function button, as with other functions like VLOOKUP or MATCH, it brings up the formula wizard box where you go through formula step-by-step.

(ie input your scource cell, input your range, input your last arguement true/false etc etc)

I'm close to finalising a formula which I think would be handy to "release" as such an add-in, but have no idea how I can configure it so that those boxes for the 3 variables pop-up when someone accesses it via the function paster.

I've created my own add-ins at work, no problem, they are just formulae, it's this ability to pop up a box with the variables required that is required....

Would anyone be prepared to walk me through it or give some advice, or is this sort of thing well outside of the realms of a "hobbyist" ?

many thanks

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