i need to move a bunch of files into a consolidated file. if i have 10 separate files (each with 1 worksheet), i have to do the MOVE/COPY procedure 10 times. kind of a pain in the butt. is there any way i can move 10 files (either opened or unopened) into another single file in 1 easy step?

thanks in advance.


for those familiar with the ASAP UTILITIES tool, please read on (otherwise, ignore).

i've also download ASAP Utilities and tried to find a utility that can solve my problem in 1 fell swoop. the closest i've come is the IMPORT>MERGE FILES TOGETHER utility. however, this merges all 10 files into 1 worksheet. i want to IMPORT/MOVE 10 files into 1 workbook (aka file), but 10 different worksheets (aka tabs). what am i doing wrong or am i not even using the correct utility?