I have an excel file with 205 cases and three columns of data for each:
1. ssn
2. name, as in Johnson, Mr. Joseph James
3. an amount of money (e.g. 12345.67)

The file imports into SPSS with no problem (after I save the Excel file as an Excel version 4 file). Variables #1 and #2 come out in SPSS as string variables, and variable #3 comes out as a numeric variable.

The problem is that I lose four cases when I bring it into SPSS. I get the following error messages in the SPSS Output file:

"A text string is not correctly enclosed in quotation marks on the command line. Lieterals maty not be continued across command lines without the use of the continuation symbol '+'."

"Error. Command name: GET DATA
(2201) Expected slash '/' but found:
. . . "S"
This command not executed."