Dear all,

I think I need a macro to help to copy rows to a new workbook on condition after sorting

A given workbook(sales.xls) inculding a worksheet of thousands of rows and 10 columns(A...J) like as following:
---------------Sample Sheet------------------
A B C(salescode) D(amt) E(qty) F .... J
1 CA CK 180 8
2 CN JB 69 4
3 CN MJ 30 3
4 CA CK 100 7

Remark: column C is the salescode like CK which is equal to Clive_KUEN
I would like to sort data with cloumn C first and then extract columns A,B,C,D,E to a new workbook with filename as the sales name of column C respectively(i.e. after sorting, if rows having column C equal to CK, the new filenames will be Clive_KUEN.xls and so on );
besides in this new worksheet, a new column should be created between column D and E of sales.xls and which value is equal to D1/E1 with 4 decimal.

It is very difficult for me as I am just a beginner.

Thanks a lot.


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