Our wonderful I.S. department is preparing to upgrade the network to Office 2000. There is nothing visible at the terminals showing any 2000 programs but they have done some changes. They are playing dumb and saying that they are not doing anything that would affect my excel workbooks. Funny thing on the computers they have worked on the "Send to" function in excel 97 no longer imports to Outlook. It now wants me to set up my internet account using dial up settings. Can anyone explain what they might have done and what the solution may be? I am sure it will be something they will have to change on their end, but maybe if I can point it out to them, they won't spend 4 months trying to figure it out. I know the change is going to cause major headaches with the older versions of Access, Excel and Outlook, but the email thing is going to be a big problem.

The sad thing is this is a fairly large company and I am just a little grunt trying to keep all my programs running.