Can anyone tell me how to insert a comment into a cell using code from "userform1.textbox2" to a cell that is valued from the calendar control userform?
Once the code establishes the correct date, by means of the calendar control, then I want the user to write a comment in a userform.textbox and after hitting the OK commandbutton I want that comment inserted to the cell. (the value of the cell can only be determined by the calendar1.value) Here what I was given so far so set the position of the cell:
For Each c In Worksheets("BALANCE SHEET").Range("D1:D10000") ' Adjust your range if necessary
If c.Value = DateForm.Calendar2.Value Then
c.Offset(0, 7).Value = TextBox1.Text

Now I just need to write a code to put a comment from textbox2 into column "J"