I am pretty new to Excel Macros. I've been searching the net and found this forum to be VERY helpful; not quite able to find exactly what I need.

My question refers to vehicle fitment for auto parts I have compiled, however need to manipulate the data further.

Example (fitment data for "windshield wiper"):
Cell A1 (data below belongs in one cell):

Ford F150 2009
Ford F150 2008
Ford F150 2007
Ford F150 2006
Ford F150 2005
Ford Mustang 2006
Ford Mustang 2004
Ford Mustang 2005

I am looking for a macro which will compile the data in this cell.

Looking for the following result in cell B1:

Ford F150 2005-2009
Ford Mustang 2004-2006

Essentially I want to combine all of the fitment data for same model vehicle in one line.

Your help will be truly appreciated!