Dear MrExcel..
I just want to say that I really love your site . I also have a small problem that you might help is solving ..
I would like to run a VBA Code on an excel sheet
1- It should locate all the rows that has data in them
2-after finding all the rows , I want to copy then to another sheet in a different workbook
3-before copying to the other sheet , I want the code to locate the last filled record and then past underneath it (Append)
could you please help .

I have started but could not finish
this is what I did

Dim I As Long
Dim RngDestination As Range
Dim Wkb As Workbook
Dim Wks As Worksheet

Set RngDestination = Wkb("Test for Annuity Daily Adds.xls") _
.Wks("Annuity Rec Feb 2002").Range("A6522")

Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlUp)).Select

For i = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row To i Step -1
Cells(i, "A").EntireRow.Copy Destination:=RngDestination

Next i
End Sub