I need help. Here is what I have:
sheet1 has 27 lines,in column (A) is the dates: (lets say 2-10-02 thru 2-14-02)(by the way which is entered with a forumla f2+1 from another column(down to 2-14-03). In column B is a code for the different task accomplished that day. I only need threes of the codes. In column c is the hrs worked that day.
I need a way to look at the dates for each day and look for one of the three different codes for that day only. If the code is there I need the hrs next to it to appear on sheet02.
this is part of a formula I use on sheet2:
I need a way to take some of the IF statments out, and whichever code is true to read e6 which is where the time is.

I will email you what I have if need be, if I can get some help or explain further, in a longer email.