Maybe you can help me out with excel. Im using a dde topic to fill cell A1 with a number, 155 for instance. I need to send this value to cell B1 "155". When cell A1 changes "105" i need the new value to go to cell B1"105". And the old B1 value to go to B2 "155". When cell A1 changes again "215" I want the new value to go to Cell B1 "215" and the old B1 data to go to B2 the old B2 data to go to B3 "155" and so on. Any idea how I can accomplish this?

A1 215 B1 215
B2 105
B3 155

Each time A1 changes I need all the data in column B to shift down and insert the new data from A1 on top, leaving the oldest data at the bottom of the column and the newest data at the top.

I could even put the first data in b1 the next in b2 then b3 and so on but the data has to come from A1 and move this data automatically.

Thank you so much for your help,
Marty Clevenger