I'm having a problem having a web enabled excel page post it's contents to an ASP page. I am trying to use the Internet Transfer Protocol to do the work and I think I have to be able to go to the page, but it won't open. What I would like is to have IE open the excel page, have the user do the data manipulation, and then when the user clicks on the submit button the excel form it form posts the data to an ASP page as well as opening that page in the same browser window to review the data. Here's the sample of my VBA code doing the work. When I click on the button it just sits there though.
Here is a part of my VBA code for the button:

objInet.Protocol = icHTTP

For Each N In Range("B5", "C28")
If SubmitString <> "" Then SubmitString = SubmitString & "&"
SubmitString = SubmitString & N.Address(False, False) & "=" & N.Value

objInet.URL = "http://localhost/ExcelWriterExample/Process2.asp"

objInet.Execute objInet.URL, "POST", SubmitString, "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencode"