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Thread: Can Autofilter be automatic?

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    Default Can Autofilter be automatic?

    I find the autofilter needs to be run everytime there is a data change. Can it be setup so when I change my data the changed data appears in the autofilter range without having to run the autofilter again?

    My scenario: I have a parts list that gets copied to an order form. The order form auto filters any parts that aren't selected. If I select a new part or delete an existing part from the parts list the order form now needs the auto filter ran again. Is there a way to have the filter automatically update including the changed data?

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    Automating the filtering/copying process will require VBA (macros). You can do this yourself by turning on the Macro Recorder (Tools menu | Macros | Record new macro, and then doing all the steps manually. The Macro Recorder will turn these steps in VBA code (once you complete all the steps, turn the macro recorder off). Assign the code to a button each time you update your data, click the button and the macro will perform the filtering/copying.

    Alternatively, someone on this Board will write the code for you. However, you will need to provide a lot more information, preferably backed with a display of your data (use the HTML addin see the download link at the bottom of this page). Information required includes:

    Layout of the data, with examples, including the worksheet reference.
    The layout of the order form, including the worksheet reference.



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