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Thread: vlookup help

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    Im making a modified depreciation schedule that depreciates assets at non-linear rates.
    (i.e. a 20-year asset will depreciate over 20 years, but not necessarily at 5% each year). In addition, I will be making capital additions to the asset each year that will need to be depreciated at the corresponding rate.

    Ultimately, Im looking for total depreciation in each year. So Im looking for a scenario in which the first column (headed '2002', for example) will have the capital addition from that year, times the 1st year depreciation rate. The second column (headed '2003') will have capital addition from the second year times the 1st year depreciation rate, PLUS the capital addition in the first year times the 2nd year rate (since it will then be two years old). And so on. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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    Ive looked at this problem for 15 mintues now and cant figure it out either. Bored at work....

    Now I just want to know if its possible. Does anyone know if you can do this?

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    I would think so, but I see this as something where I'd have to see the workbook. Perhaps others feel the same way and that's why they haven't answered. Email it if you like.

    If you can, use autoshape callouts from the drawing toolbar to point out what you want.
    ~Anne Troy

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