Hi All

I have been looking for a long time for a solution for what I thought would be a simple issue.....

In my program I am opening an Excel template via Interop populating the required information and then trying to send the file to print to a specific printer. After being unable to find a way to send the file using an IP Address I simply entered the Printer Name and while in Debug it worked fine.

As soon as I published the program and installed it on the client computers the file would always print to the default printer on the client machine, I have made sure the printer is installed on the client machine and is named the exact same.

This is the code I am using to point to the printer and while in debug is works perfect:

xlWorkSheet.PrintOutEx(ActivePrinter:="HP Colour LJ2605 - Packing Station")
Any advice on why this code isn't working when published and installed on the client machines would be much appreciated or any alternative code that I could try as this is driving me insane, especially as it works in debug.

Many Thanks