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Thread: Time Sheet and Me

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    I need help. Here is what I have:
    sheet1 has 27 lines,
    Column (A) has the dates: (5 workdays).
    Column B has codes for the different task accomplished that day. I only need threes of the 12 codes.
    Column c has the hrs worked that day.
    I need a formula that will look at each day and find one of the three different codes for that day. If the code is there I need the hrs for that code on page to sheet02.
    this is part of a formula I use on sheet2:
    What this formula is saying is:
    If on sheet01 column b6 has either one of the three codes 31,32, or 33 to display the hours in e6.

    also, I need a way to take some of the IF statments out, whichever code is true to display the hours in E6.

    I will email you what I have if need be, if I can get some help or explain further, in a longer email.

    By the Way Mr. Excel, I tried to edit my posting of Dating and ???? sheet. But I did not know how to delete it. So I posted a new one. Forgive me. New to this posting thing.

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    To get arount the Ifs you could use Vlookup.

    Hopefully this will point you in the right direction.



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    I am in the process of trying the vlookup table NOW.
    But I still have NOT gotten any help with the rest of my problem,

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