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Thread: What the "&amp" is this??

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    Default What the "&amp" is this??

    I'm looking to use a function by Jon Peltier on DDoE, but I get the dreaded red text on the highlighted line below:
    Private Declare Function lstrlenW Lib “kernel32″ _
         (ByVal lpString As Long) As Long
    Private Declare Function SHGetFolderPath Lib “shfolder.dll” _
         Alias “SHGetFolderPathA” _
         (ByVal hwndOwner As Long, _
         ByVal nFolder As Long, _
         ByVal hToken As Long, _
         ByVal dwReserved As Long, _
         ByVal lpszPath As String) As Long
    Function MyDocumentsDir()
         Dim sBuffer As String
         sBuffer = Space$(260)
         If SHGetFolderPath(&H0, &H5, -1, &H0, sBuffer) = 0 Then
             MyDocumentsDir = Left$(sBuffer, lstrlenW(StrPtr(sBuffer)))
         End If
    End Function
    I saw that &amp is used in HTML; is that what happened here - HTML encoding "corrupted" Jon's entry or am I doing something else wrong.

    It's too early!!

    Thanks, y'all.

    Follow-up: Never mind; Peter Thornton answered it in the comments section "(ignore any “amp;” that might creep in before the “H”)"
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