On 2002-03-01 08:46, dk wrote:
The smiley shouldn't be there on that line. Replace all the crap (IMG SOURCE=blah blah) with the number 8 (that's eight just in case in gets screwed up again).

This is the line now:Set rngeAddresses = Application.InputBox("Please select range containing e-mail addresses."),, "Select Range"
but is does not work.
What I do wrong?

Excuse me,I have found the error.

Still a little question about merge mail.
All my e-mail adresses are in sheet A
Text for body the e-mail is in sheet B
How can I merge this body to each mail adresses?
Have you a solution about that?
Many thanks


I am really sorry i cannt help you with your merge- im not that great with excel for starters so im really sorry, i needed some help for my ICT practical that is due in in 2 weeks and its nowhere near finished-

good luck with finding the solution to your problem