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Thread: Manual Calculation

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    I have made a large file with many formulas, about 18 worksheets and some macros. I am using the manual calculation and when necessary I press F9 to calculate.

    It takes time to calculate and it gets to about 40% then stops and it still says 'Calculate' on the bottom of the screen, prompting me to press F9. I press F9 again but the same thing happens. As a result I am not confident that the file is calculating fully.

    I understand it will probably be because its a big file (6.5MB). But does anyone know why this is so? Does anyone have a remedy?

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    Hmmm. I recently had a VERY large file (i;m talking 30-40 mins to calculate!!!) With no problems - except the time of course!

    The only tim ei experience probs is when a key is pressed halfway through a recalc. If you are not doing this then maybe something is running behind the scenes. Dunno if this is possible but maybe there is a VBA procedure perhaps activating on cell change. Try looking in VBA editor.

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    Thanks for the help.

    It may have something to do with the VBA. Is there anyway to go inside Visual Basics and pin point the problem, if there is one? I am not an expert on Macros and only created these ones using the Record Macro function

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