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Thread: Finding "oldest outstanding" item
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    Post Finding "oldest outstanding" item

    Hi all, I'm after some more help with my spreadsheet - this time with finding some of the oldest outstanding of particular items

    The spreadsheet below is an exert from the Master. I need to show the oldest date of items yet to be completed which is displayed in a 'metrics' table on another worksheet.

    For example, I want it to generate the oldest, yet to be completed QUOTE/SPEC REQUEST/ GENERAL ENQUIRY

    Is this a V look up or something else?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Received Via Date received in CC Type of request Status Date completed
    Direct email to CC 14/11/2016 SPEC REQUEST Complete 14/11/2016
    14/11/2016 GENERAL ENQUIRY Complete
    Customer 14/11/2016 GENERAL ENQUIRY Complete 14/11/2016
    14/11/2016 GENERAL ENQUIRY Complete 15/11/2016
    Direct email to CC 14/11/2016 QUOTE REQUST In progress
    Direct email to CC 15/11/2016 COMPLAINT In progress
    Direct email to CC 15/11/2016 SPEC REQUEST With Dean H
    Online enquiry 16/11/2016 QUOTE REQUST Complete 16/11/2016
    Ralf 16/11/2016 SPEC REQUEST Complete 17/11/2016
    Marc 16/11/2016 SAMPLE REQUEST In progress
    Direct email to CC 16/11/2016 COMPLAINT With Quality
    Direct email to CC 17/11/2016 GENERAL ENQUIRY Complete

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    Default Re: Finding "oldest outstanding" item


    Check if this what you're after:

    Excel 2016 (Windows) 64 bit
    1Received ViaDate received in CCType of requestStatusDate completed
    2Direct email to CC14-11-2016SPEC REQUESTComplete14-nov-16
    314-nov-16GENERAL ENQUIRYComplete
    4Customer14-11-2016GENERAL ENQUIRYComplete14-11-2016
    514-nov-16GENERAL ENQUIRYComplete15-11-2016
    6Direct email to CC14-11-2016QUOTE REQUSTIn progress
    7Direct email to CC15-11-2016COMPLAINTIn progress
    8Direct email to CC15-11-2016SPEC REQUESTWith Dean H
    9Online enquiry16-11-2016QUOTE REQUSTComplete16-11-2016
    10Ralf16-11-2016SPEC REQUESTComplete17-11-2016
    11Marc16-11-2016SAMPLE REQUESTIn progress
    12Direct email to CC16-11-2016COMPLAINTWith Quality
    13Direct email to CC17-11-2016GENERAL ENQUIRYComplete
    16QUOTE REQUST14-11-2016
    17SPEC REQUEST15-11-2016


    Array Formulas
    Entered with Ctrl+Shift+Enter. If entered correctly, Excel will surround with curly braces {}.
    Note: Do not try and enter the {} manually yourself

    nb: beware of the typo in "quote requst"

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