Hi Guru's

Looking forward to solve below tidous work by using macro


I have a excel file which runs for more than 400 row and it is grouped at five nodes ( levels ) and at each level there is variable input items and at each level, I need to give specifc colour every time there is change addition or deletion of new item.

Is there a macro which can help to format full sheet if there is addition of or deletion of the item. One way i am looking is keep an Master sheet ( sheet1) without formating where I can add the data for level as required and macro later can format the same in another sheet ( Sheet2)

Below is example of sheet which I have exloded at 3 level , can use insight later to add remaining levels at my end by editing the macro.

level 1 = green, Level2= Blue , Level 3= Yellow colour code
Level A
Level A1
Level A11
Level A2
Level A21
Level B
Level B1
Level C
Level C1
Level C11
Level C2
Level C21
Level D
Level D1
Level D11