Sub ExportTextToCSV()

Dim oPres As Presentation
Dim oSlides As Slides
Dim oSld As Slide 'Slide Object
Dim oShp As Shape 'Shape Object
Dim iFile As Integer 'File handle for output
Dim sTempString As String

Dim PathSep As String
Dim Quote As String
Dim Comma As String
iFile = FreeFile 'Get a free file number

#If Mac Then
PathSep = ":"
PathSep = ""
#End If

Quote = Chr$(34)
Comma = ","

Set oPres = ActivePresentation
Set oSlides = oPres.Slides

'Open output file
' NOTE: errors here if original PPT file hasn't been saved
Open oPres.Path & PathSep & "AllText.CSV" For Output As iFile

For Each oSld In oSlides 'Loop thru each slide
For Each oShp In oSld.Shapes 'Loop thru each shape on slide

'Check to see if shape has a text frame and text
If oShp.HasTextFrame And oShp.TextFrame.HasText Then
sTempString = sTempString & Quote & oShp.TextFrame.TextRange.Text & Quote & Comma
End If

Next oShp

' print the result to file:
Print #If ile, sTempString
sTempString = ""

Next oSld

'Close output file
Close #If ile

End Sub