VBA Msgbox code not working
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Thread: VBA Msgbox code not working
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    Default VBA Msgbox code not working

    Hey all, sorry to post to the wrong board but i am new here and could not find a thread about PowerPoint.
    With that being said I am trying to have a msgbox appear when the powerpoint file is opened, and then when the user decides to go to a next slide I want the same macro/msgbox to re-appear again, all the way throughout the slides. The code I have right now works to display the msgbox however I just dont know how to make it automatically run whenever the file is opened and from hoping to slide to slide.

    This is my current code:

    Option Explicit

    Sub Pop_Up()

    MsgBox "PowerPoint playback error. Verify that the necessarycodec for this media format is installed, and then try again.",vbOK + vbInformation
    End Sub

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    Default Re: VBA Msgbox code not working

    Hi Snelsonz,
    add a module in your PPTM file and add a macro named: Sub OnSlideShowPageChange()
    That macro will run when you run your PowerPoint and with every new sheet. There are a couple more "pre-named" macros that will run (you just have to add them to a module and add code to make them work), see e.g. this list: http://officeoneonline.com/vba/events_version.html
    Hope that helps,
    You can't post attachments here, but you can help me helping you by posting a screen shot directly in your post with any of those tools.
    Otherwise use dropbox/google drive/etc to get your file accross (not preferred). For code, put it inside these tags: [ CODE][/CODE]. Do check the forum rules.
    Finally, please show that you made an effort to solve your problem: Yes, I like to help, but am not going to do your job.

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