My ISP has a data usage report/page, and I personally have a simple, max usage/days of month, sitting on excel, with a conditional format that highlights the current date, so at a glance, I go to their site, see how much I've used, and if the value in my excel sheet is more than the usage, I know I'm good to update my steam games.

So, I learn of web-scraping in Excel, but I can't get my head around it. I managed to open the URL (after signing in, and I also appreciate there will be times when I need to re-sign in) but I can't get it to recognize any tables (which I'm guessing it doesn't have)

So, I started googling, and there are VBA solutions, plugin solutions, etc and I started sinking into something way above what I'll be able to do, so I turned here.

Is there anyways, to parse a website, look for a particular line of text, i.e. "554GB used this month" and then just grab the 554GB and put it into a cell? [then I could even less than compare and make the cell green if I was good for data]

I hope this explains my dilemma well enough. I'm happy to provide more details, links, etc on request, but someone may have already done this with their current ISP (one of the monopolies in the USA) so may have already have it setup and working.

Can anybody help me?