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Thread: Transfer Excel data to MS Word Text FormField VBA Code
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    Default Transfer Excel data to MS Word Text FormField VBA Code

    Hello, I recently wrote a VBA code that inputs excel data into a word document through the use of bookmarks. The code works great, but I would actually like to use a text FormField. My question is do I basically need to scrap my whole code or can I simply replace the "item" code with a reference to the FormField Text? Thanks in advance for any insight. My code is below:

    Sub Test() 
     Dim WDApp As Word.Application
     Dim myDoc As Word.Document
     Dim mywdRange As Word.Range
     Dim r As Long
     Dim m As Long
     On Error GoTo errorHandler
     Set WDApp = New Word.Application
     With WDApp
     .Visible = True
     .WindowState = wdWindowStateMaximize
     End With
     With Sheets("Sheet1")
             m = .Range("A" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
    End With
    For r = 3 To m
             Set myDoc = WDApp.Documents.Add(Template:="C:Desktop\Test.docm")
             With myDoc.Bookmarks
                 .Item("EOD").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & r)
                 .Item("IED").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B" & r)
                 .Item("FED").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("C" & r)
                 .Item("IP").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("D" & r)
                 .Item("MN").Range.InsertAfter Sheets("Sheet1").Range("E" & r)
                 .Item("MName").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("F" & r)
                 .Item("LOCA").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("G" & r)
                 .Item("NOB").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("H" & r)
                 .Item("BOC").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("I" & r)
                 .Item("Add").Range.InsertBefore Sheets("Sheet1").Range("J" & r)
             End With
             myDoc.SaveAs2 Filename:="C:Desktop\Test" & Sheets("Sheet1").Range("H" & r) & ".docx", _
                 FileFormat:=wdFormatXMLDocument, AddToRecentFiles:=False
         Next r
         Set WDApp = Nothing
         Set myDoc = Nothing
         Set mywdRange = Nothing
     End Sub
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    Default Re: Transfer Excel data to MS Word Text FormField VBA Code

    Once you've inserted your text form fields (legacy forms) in the document, with the same names as the bookmarks, you would have to replace the With myDoc.Bookmarks ... End With block with something like:

            myDoc.FormFields("EOD").Result = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & r)
            myDoc.FormFields("IED").Result = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B" & r)
            myDoc.FormFields("FED").Result = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("C" & r)

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