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Thread: Open .txt file in Excel 2007/XP Pro
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    Default Open .txt file in Excel 2007/XP Pro

    When using Excel 2003 on an XP Pro SP3 workstation, I could right-click a .txt file (exported from another app as tab delineated text), open with, and choose Excel.

    Now that I've upgraded to Excel 2007 (12.0.6654.5003, SP3), Excel is not in the Open With menu.

    I've done Open With>Choose Program>(doesn't show up under list of available programs, yet Word 2007 does, so it seems like that got 'registered')

    I choose Browse and select: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\EXCEL.EXE and it still won't open in Excel (File Name: EXCEL.EXE, press OPEN button) It just opens in Notepad.exe (the currently selected program in the Choose Program box).

    Same thing when I right click on the .txt file, Properties>Open With>Change.

    It's been several weeks since I've installed Excel and I've rebooted the system multiple times since then. Excel itself does run, so it's not a case of a bad install of Excel. It seems more like an OS issue.

    Has this been seen before?

    Edit: Also, I can open the file with Excel's Open command while in the program.
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