Though you all would like a little christmas present

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Thread: Though you all would like a little christmas present

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    Default Though you all would like a little christmas present

    Merry Christmas my fellow Excel online friends!

    Being festive and all I have decided to post links to my Excel Games I have been developing in my spare time.

    EXCEL-AGA! V3.2.3
    Excel-aga is an arcade type galaxy shooter with an local scoreboard, point counter, bonus scores, power-ups and achievement board. Control the game by opening the command center, clicking new game and then using the fire button. Use the W-A-S-D keys to move.
    This game is made entirely of graphs and the VBA is only used to update the cells in sheet 2.

    Known issues:

    • Give the game a few seconds to save after you are done and before you close out. Occasionally it has crashed and the file became corrupt because of the saved data on Sheet 1 (the scoreboard) was not given the proper amount of time to save. Dose not happen often, but it has happened.
    • The W-A-S-D controls are a little slow, simply because it goes off the Key_Down macros associated with the fire button. You MUST have the fire button selected in order to move.

    Download Link:


    Sudoku Excel v1.1

    It is pretty straight forward. Start a new game by clicking the ‘New Game’ button. You have the option between easy, medium or difficult. When the number is correct the cell will be grayed out. When it is wrong it will not be grayed out and will count the incorrect moves made.
    Sudoku Excel originally came from this page and I modified it to work like it currently does.
    Sudoku Excel comes with a local scoreboard. It currently does not have a time feature.

    Known issues:

    • On a MAC running Elcapitan the ‘1’’s in the rows were only graying out 50% of the time. I have never ran into this issue on a Windows machine (so far).
    • If you end with a hint you can get on the scoreboard twice

    Download Link:

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy it! Message back and let me know if you do and your high scores !


    - Games have been tested and work on office 2010, 2013, 2016, 365

    Youtube video can be found here
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