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Thread: Way to create a copy of a record before it gets modified

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    Default Re: Way to create a copy of a record before it gets modified

    Just as a note, the simplest thing to do is just create a copy of the original data, and then let users/clients have at it on the data (which can be considered Version 1 - the original and Version 2 - the updated or editable version).

    Actually, I would be versioning all of the budgets because even when you start a new one next year or next quarter you still probably want to keep the prior budgets from previous years. Basically, a budget or a forecast should have an ID, and some budgets should be "done" while others are "in progress" (speaking from experience, anyway - forecasts take time to work out, even if you are very good at it, and at some point in time will be 25% done, 50% done, 75% done and so on, especially if input comes from various sources and needs to be put together).
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