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Thread: Command line to open file on sharepoint

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    Default Command line to open file on sharepoint

    Good morning.

    I have had a SQL database running for years at our company that uses MS Access as a front end and it works great. I have it setup so that when the user wants to view a document (pdf for example) they can just click on a button in the Access front end and the database knows the file location on our server and pulls it up.

    Our company is now wanting to move all of these sort of files (pdf, doc, xls) off of a 'normal' server and onto SharePoint365. I know the path to the file but Access doesn't seem to understand it.

    For example currently I would use this statement to pull up the document:

    Application.FollowHyperlink "M:\ED Write Ups" & [Document_ID] & ".pdf"

    However the same logic doesn't appear to work in SharePoint.

    The path in SharePoint would be


    and the file name (if hard coded) would be "Bed Snapshot - 2016-12-15 07.pdf

    Is it possible for MS Access to reference and display a file from Sharepoint?

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    Default Re: Command line to open file on sharepoint

    I see no answers yet, so I'll contribute what little I know of this. From other posts here or elsewhere (I can't recall where) seems to me there's no way to serve up a file to Access from SharePoint without checking it out. At least that was the determination when said file was an Access db. Access can check in and out a file from SP, but in the other case it made no sense since the db itself was intended to be shared.

    Also, when I had to write Access data to a SP workbook, I had to use the standard server syntax. While the server did seem to have a url type of address (it was reachable via browser) it also had a standard server address which I had to use (e.g. \\SomeServer\).
    Hope that helps.
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