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Thread: Form with 3 subforms causing -1104 and "connot open anymore databases"
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    Default Form with 3 subforms causing -1104 and "connot open anymore databases"

    Good afternoon,
    I have been building my db on Access 2010 over the last several months and am pretty new to db building. The intent of this project is to audit and report based on those audits. The audit is quite large. It currently has 18 tables. Some with one to one relationships (they were made as one to one as there are not enough fields for the tables to include into one table) and others with one to many. In addition, there are 46 queries and various forms. The problem I am having is with the larger forms (see below).
    Form Bound Fields Unbound Fields Relationship
    Master 30 4 (dlookup) Parent
    Subfrm1 134 21 Child1
    Subfrm2 152 39 Child2
    Subfrm2 188 48 Child3

    I am having a couple of problems with this form. I am receiving error codes reserve error -1104 and “Cannot open anymore databases” with error code 3048. After a couple of entries, on my master form dlookup fields turn to #Error. My database is split be and fe. I have tried to merge back to one db and split again. Both options cause the errors. I have decompiled and CompactRepaired the db multiple times without correction. I have done much research, but with my knowledge base, I don’t seem to find a solution. From what I understand, my db is too large and some comments have been made about “loops.” I make sure all the forms are closed with only the one form open. Any of my VBAs are very simple. Can anyone please help me? I do not want to split this into multiple databases to make it work.

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    Default Re: Form with 3 subforms causing -1104 and "connot open anymore databases"

    Cross posted
    While cross posting isn't entirely against the rules in most places, it must be done in the correct and considerate manner. In the very least it can result in your posts receiving limited or no attention at all. Please read this to understand why.
    Tips for posting problems:
    1) "doesn't work" doesn't help. Post error message text/numbers and/or state what's happening.
    2) if posting code or sql, use code tags; specify on which code line errors occur, if applicable
    3) try to be specific; assume we know nothing about your issue - because we don't!

    Make all suggested changes in copies of your database or to its objects.

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    Default Re: Form with 3 subforms causing -1104 and "connot open anymore databases"

    Our rules on Cross-Posting are spelled out in rule 13 found here:
    1. Use the built-in Help that comes with Excel/Access
    2. Use the Search functionality on this board
    3. A lot of VBA code can be acquired by using the Macro Recorder.

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