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Thread: Monitoring fields for changes
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    Default Monitoring fields for changes

    I have been requested to make changes to an existing database to monitor a field on a form. Access to our forms in our database is based off a windows user id script that runs when the database is opened. Now my boss is wanting to know when someone changes a value within a certain box on a certain form. How would I log each user id that changes the value in that box?

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    Default Re: Monitoring fields for changes

    I have an invisible text box on the form, when the form opens it fills with the userID:
    sub Form_Load()
     'get user id
    txtUser = Environ("Username")
    txtOldVal = me.txtVal
    end sub
    then when the user saves the data , it posts a record to the tLog table (append query)

    Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
    if txtOldVal <> txtVal then
      docmd.setwarnings falses
      docmd.OpenQuery "qaAddLog"
    End Sub

    you can narrow down the save to just 1 field, grab the value when the form opens, then if it changes, run the append query.
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