Hey Guys

I've recently started to use Access a lot more than I have previously and as such I'm trying to learn more about it and make some of my current processes in Excel more efficient by getting Access to do more of the donkey work.

I currently pull in data Tables from Access to Excel in a Macro and then use Excel to combine them using lookup formulas based on a part number.

I'm trying to get Access to get all this data together first before I pull it into Excel to avoid the slow down of the lookups, some of the worksheets will have 10's of thousands of rows.

So, I'm making a Query, part of which brings in two Fields from different Tables, "LTC" and "Previous LTC".

I always want to have a value in "LTC", "Previous LTC" should only show if it has a different value to "LTC"

So, in my Query I want to be able to say "If PreviousLTC is the same as LTC then don't display Previous LTC"

Is that possible?

Thanks for taking a look