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Thread: Access: Query Date Criteria

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    Default Access: Query Date Criteria

    On the reference form I have a date that this formula, which is in a query criteria, calculates off of. (It works fine)

    >=CDate([Forms]![frmCostHistory]![TextQuoteExpDate01]) But what I really need is a "Between date" formula.

    I want to show records where the date is Between the date on the form (including that that) and is less than today.

    Help please, I am struggling with this
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    Default Re: Access: Query Date Criteria

    You should be able to AND the criterion for less than today:

    ( >=CDate([Forms]![frmCostHistory]![TextQuoteExpDate01]) AND < Date() )

    to be less then or equal to todays date instead of just less than todays date I think this works in vba (since less than Date() + 1 includes all the dates and times up to 11:59:59 PM, although if you know you are working with pure dates without times, then you can use equality on the date with the same result):

    ( >=CDate([Forms]![frmCostHistory]![TextQuoteExpDate01]) AND < (Date() + 1) )

    The second formula is just for reference, or a note for future use. The first formula should fit your requirement.
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