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Thread: Search for ALL records in a form

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    Default Search for ALL records in a form

    Hi everyone,

    I've been looking all over the internet to get my form displayed all records when a selection is made from a Combo Box, however, I haven't found the solution.

    Below is the table "tblCap_NDT" which I used to create form "frmCap_NDT":

    Company Name NDT
    A Radiographic
    B FPI
    B Radiographic
    D Ultrasonic
    D Radiographic
    D FPI
    D MPI
    E MPI
    E FPI
    E Radiographic
    F Radiographic

    I created a Combo Box in the form header from the "NDT" column and set it to display only unique values. Then I dropped the "Company Name" field to the Detail section of the form. However, the combo box didn't seem to be able to search for all records, rather it couldn't search for anything at all.

    My aim is search for all Company Names when a NDT value from the Combo Box is selected.

    For example, if FPI was selected, the result would count and return B, D, and E (Like 1.B 2.D 3.E)

    I tried to create a subform in the Detail section as well but that didn't work. It seemed to return the first value correctly, however, the rest of the results were all the same as the first. For example, when I selected Ultrasonic, instead of getting only D, I got 4 Ds which I assumed to be all the D left in the table (and certainly they didn't match with the search key "Ultrasonic").

    Can anyone shed me some light on this please? This is driving me crazy since I have no experience in programming or Access. Thank you very much in advance!

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    Default Re: Search for ALL records in a form

    One way would be to set a filter on the form in the AfterUpdate event of the combo
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